Mark Antman and His Undying Love and Passion for Images

Good photos are like jokes, if it needs to be explained then it isn’t that good at all. Photos are one of the best creations in the world. It only showcases one scene, one person, one place, or one event, but as soon as it is looked at, it invokes a lot of emotions, feelings, sensations, thoughts, ideas and a plethora of things that a simple photo may bring. No wonder, a lot of people are falling in love with this form of art. Regarded as the most expensive form of art, photography is the act of producing an image through a device and allowing people to see things beyond what was captured. No matter how beautiful a place or a person is, if the awareness of light, color and texture isn’t there, then the beauty is lost the moment the shutter is pressed. It takes one good photographer to capture the beauty of things with the right light and the right emotions.


One man who has carefully studied photography for thirty years is Dr. Mark Antman. Though that prefix suggests that he is a doctor, he is only called as such because he has attained degrees in biology and chemistry from the prestigious University of New York. Aside from that, he is a full-blooded, true-blue genuine shutterbug at heart. Though he took medical courses, he still went on to become a professional photographer and later a businessman of his own photo studio in his hometown Woodstock, New York.


Mark Antman is the kind of photographer who has discovered his love for taking images in the earlier years of his life. He was seven years old when he had his first camera, and since then he could not take his eyes off its peephole, literally. Wherever he is, he brings his camera with him and takes photos. He brought this passion with him until he went off to college. He became the resident photographer of their school paper and pursued this career right after his college graduation.


As soon as he was out of the university, Mark Antman fled to Europe where he worked as a freelance photojournalist for ten years. He also did commercial, editorial, wedding, and portrait photo shoots for different people and companies. Going back to New York, he builds his own business with a new friend and now, Image Works is the most popular and biggest photo studio in New York.


It is indeed true that passion takes a long way. True enough, taking photographs are not easy and you must have a complete balance of all the elements. However, with dedication, love for his craft and willingness to learn independently. Mark Antman captured the perfect formula in leading a successful career in the field where only a few people make a name in.



Can Science Prove The Existence of God?

Hugh Ross is a creationist who believes in God as much as he does in science. The sound of that might be very difficult to understand especially if one does not know him well. But for people to understand his grounds and his beliefs in life, his life story is all that you’ll need:


At the age of eight, young Hugh Ross knew that he wanted to be an astrophysicist. He was born in Montreal, Quebec but he grew up in Vancouver, Canada. The reason for their relocation was her father’s business bankruptcy after his partner took all the money from their hydraulics engineering business. Moving to Vancouver with not enough money for a month’s rent, Ross’ family lived in the slums. Despite the condition, he did not find any reason for him to stop his craving for education. While attending school, he would regularly spend weekends and the rest of his free time on the libraries of Vancouver where he developed his love for science.


Pursuing his love for physics and astronomy, he studied these courses at the University of British Columbia when he left for college. However engrossed with science all his life, Ross asked himself a question and that is: “Can a scientist believe in God?” This query sprouted from the fact that even though he is already a scientist, he still believes in God. Instead of just sleeping with a cloud above his head, he became determined to find answers for himself. For many years, he studied the statements in the Bible and tested and compared them with modern scientific discoveries and principles. After years of search, he has found his unicorn!


Alas! The results were amazing and he could not believe them himself. The findings from his studies convinced the young scientist that science and faith are not contradictions, but each others’ explanation. Since then, he has devoted most of his time in looking for more cosmological breakthroughs that can prove to the entire world that science is the explanation that God left in the world for his people to find his way to him.


Over the years, Dr. Hugh Ross is changing minds one seminar at a time. He has been speaking at hundreds of lectures and conventions all over the world in order to create an understanding and a liberating statement to free the world from the belief that they can only choose one from science and faith. Ross is determined that if he was able to find the solution and connection between these two, then other people would soon too, eventually.



Beddings have been an integral part

of our lives and have been around us since the medieval ages. They are mainly utilised for bedding reason in all times of the year whether summer or winter. Quilt, warmer, pillows and under bed covers are some of the common bedding items utilised by all of us while sleeping and relaxing. These days, all trading and buying undertakings have gone online and permit customers to buy bedding online. Online buying is habitually very very simple for all. Despite that you need to be more careful while putting an alignment for quilt cover groups or any other bedding product. Mentioned-below are some of the common details that can make a distinction to your buying needs. These include:

Before you reach a website that deals a kind of beddings, it will be good if you can consider the conceive, dimensions, type, style and price of the beddings that you desire to buy for your bed. When you address all these in advance, you can effortlessly concentrate on the goods of your alternative and can take a balanced conclusion considering the purchase.

One of the most significant benefits of going beds online online is that it permits you to proceed through diverse characteristics and specifications of bedding pieces such as value, quantity, make, size, warrantee, cost, consignment time and anti-bacterial ability. furthermore, you can also understand more about the professional services, goodwill and standing of the trader in the comparable market.

Online buying is a good way to save time and cash as it permits you to save up to 66% of money when you reach to the website of an Australian bedding constructor and supplier who deals bedding pieces direct to the public and selected vendors. The reason why you can save more on your purchasing is that beddings are traded exactly to customers avoiding the occurrence of any middleman. therefore, you get beddings at a sensible price that assists you save greatest money. With these sellers, you can also come back the bought bedding product if you are not completely persuaded with your buy for any reason. Online buying furthermore makes you free from visiting many bedding stores to find the flawless bedding goods of your choice.